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Everything Including the Kitchen Sink?

Stainless Steel Sinks

As with other areas of kitchen design and installation there are hundreds if not thousands of different designs, shapes, sizes and functions of kitchen sinks from the most basic single bowl sinks right through to ceramic double bowl, double drainer sinks which can come in sizes from as little as 900mm right up to 2500mm for the larger built on sinks.

Manchester Trade Kitchens use a wide variety of sink suppliers up and down the country and we even have suppliers in Italy and beyond for those clients looking for that "something special" in their kitchen designs, and as with every other aspect of our business we can cater for every budget big or small. We can supply kitchen sinks from as little as £60 right through to the top end designer style kitchen sinks which can sell for upward of £1200!

Many people do not think about the sink too much within the design of their kitchen but it really can change the whole look of a kitchen. Imagine a cream gloss kitchen with black granite worktops and a stainless steel sink like the one pictured to the right. Now envisage that same kitchen with granite worktops with a black schock sink built into the worktop. The black Schock sink is the sink shown below the Carron Phoenix displayed to the right hand side of this paragraph.

Granite Composite Sinks

The schock range of undermount and built in sinks are a newish addition to the UK kitchen market and are a very welcome addition at that. They offer contemporary style and flair at extremely affordable prices.

Schock sinks are made from a material called Cristalite. Cristalite is known around the world as Schock's outstanding standard material. It is easy to clean, safe for use with food and finished with Schock Antibac. This special hygenic protection uses natural silver ions to reduce bacterial growth by up to 95% and make working in the kitchen cleaner and safer.

Over 80 per cent of the materials used in the schock range of sinks is quartz which is the hardest element in granite which of course contributes to the widely used term of "Granite sinks" although of course they are not granite sinks entirely, they would cost a few pennies more if they were!

The granite used to manufacture these sinks is combined with a very high grade acrylic to produce a hardened composite material which is extremely durable and helps towards the longevity of the Schock sink range and aid in the resistance to dirt and cracks commonly associated with other sink manufacturers. Unlike some other composite material sinks the Schock range are completely unmarked by Coffee, Red Wine and even heavy pan scuff marks.




 CDA Glass Sinks

Yes, you read correctly.....GLASS sinks, now before you go panicking about the sink shattering at the first contact with a heavy plate or pan or even a dropped wine glass dont worry!

This classically designed modern beauty is a heavy duty, durable piece of kit and is made from extremely tough stuff which even the most heavy handed out there will find difficult to damage and that stuff is known as tempered glass.

Tempered or toughened glass is the same stuff used in shower screens, glass tables and even vehicle windows. It is designed with safety in mind and is extremely durable and even if you did manage to break it with the help of, lets say, a sledgehammer, then it would shatter into hundreds of harmless little chunks. Just what you need on your kitchen floor! Please DO NOT try this at home!

No, seriously, if its a high end, high style, modern contemporary look you are after and you dont mind paying the extra for it then these sinks are a serious contender for a place in your worktop, maybe in your granite worktop? Who knows!

Choice of colours i hear you ask? Absolutely! You can choose from the range of black, black or black! They are a rather new sink in the range so colours for the time being are limited.

PS. Our kind suppliers are even throwing in a free tempered glass chopping board to match the sink with every order....Every little helps!




carron phoenix precision stainless steel sink



 Carron Phoenix Stainless Steel Sink and Tap




Black Granite style schock kitchen sink

Schock Composite sinks from £199 Inc Tap!!!

 (Special Offer This Month Only)



Designer Glass kitchen sink

CDA Tempered Black Glass Sink